Our Mission: Enjoy the best inline skating, affordably!

Has everyday skating worn your wheels down to the hubs? Or are you pulling that old pair of skates out of the closet for a tune-up? RollerBob has the perfect set of wheels and bearings for your inline skates. As little as $39.99 can bring a new level of performance to a pair of inline skates.

RollerBob loves inline skating! He Knows that quality wheels and bearings can improve any pair of inline skates. He also understands how the diameter and durometer of the wheels affects your inline skating and can help you choose the best wheel and bearing combination. Many people are surprised to find that quality wheels from manufacturers can dramatically improve the performance of even relatively new inline skates.

Most people don't really think about their wheels until it's time to replace them. Many think finding any wheel of the same diameter and durometer is all they need to know. We have learned that the performance can vary significantly between two different wheels of equal diameter and durometer.  You'll find that only wheels from companies that consistently produce quality products are sold here.

RollerBob puts mile after mile on his inline skates and feels that replacement inline skate parts should be affordable. This site is dedicated to keeping your inline skates in top condition at a reasonable price.

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